Henri Oguike Tue Contact Theatre, Manchester
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Born in Wales and trained at the London Contemporary Dance School, Henri Oguike has been dancing professionally for a decade and choreographing since 1996. The results have been quickly gaining awards and commissions, even from overseas. Now recognised as one of our outstanding dance-makers, he is touring with his group - enlarged to 11 dancers - in a four-part programme.

Music has always been important to him, and this show includes his Seen of Angels, largely based on extracts from Handel's Messiah but also drawing on other sources from the baroque period. Together with this revised version of an early work, he gives a highly contrasting premiere set to the rhythms of Japanese taiko drums. Completing the bill are the quiet duet Shot Flow, created with Portuguese composer Pedro Carneiro, and the bright company piece White Space, inspired by Scarlatti harpsichord pieces.

Contact Theatre, Manchester (0161-274 0600) Tue, 8pm, pounds 9/pounds 6; then touring