Day Out

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I'd go to the sea, to Brighton. Willie Rushton and I played there the other week at the Theatre Royal (0273 328488) and it's one of my favourite places. I'd pray for good weather and set off. Because I'm from Leeds, and was brought up so i was inland, I always want the sea I crave itthe sea. My wife was born there so the sea doesn't thrill her as much as mebecause she grew up with it. Brighton's got a wonderful combination of sleaze and sea air. It's . northKeith Waterhouse said that it looks like a town that's helping police with their inquiries.

I'd go up and down The Lanes, and all round town, working up a thirst. You never know who you are going to meet. in the Lanes. We bumped into Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam last time we were there. There are quite a few pubs I knowthere. There are a lot of good restaurants but The Old Ship Hotel (0273 329001) is a favourite place of mine when you go down the hill to the sea you turn left. The big hotels are up on the right, but The Old Ship is a smaller, older and friendlier place. I'd have a pub lunchI love it. Pub lunch, just some sandwiches at that time of day. In the afternoon I'd sit on the pebbles and eat cockles. I love shellfish. I might go swimming or to The Pavilion I'd play it by ear. I hate pre-planning on a day like that. ThenI'd wander up and down the pier. I love the noise and the people. I'm not worried by crowds, and people, I'm terminally gregarious. , there's a wonderful pub near it called the Mrs Fitzherbert ().The ideal in the evening would be seeing a play at the Royal, a lovely old theatre. The shabby side appeals. I've got friends down there. John Dowie, Victor Spinetti and There are so many great restaurants theres' so much choice,, I'd probably go to one of the superb Chinese restaurants on the front, that would be the end to any good day out, a Chinese or an Indian meal.

The alternative thing is to get in a car and go down to the Downs somewhere, if you go out the countryside is superb. Brighton is a great base for a day out.

Barrie Cryer appears in 'Two Old Farts in the Night' at the Hackney Empire, London Fri 22 Jul (081-985 2424)

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