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Ideally I would get in a little four-seater plane and fly off to Paris and head down to La Cupole, a giant restaurant in the centre of the city and have one of those lunches that go on all day. If I had to stay in this country I'd go and have breakfast in a cafe called Marino's Restaurant (071- 636 8965) off Oxford St, London W1 then over to The Macintosh Centre (071-602 9444) shop on Kensington High Street, W14 for some retail therapy. I've just bought a CD player for the computer so I'd go in and buy some CDs. I'm a machine junkie, especially an Apple Mac junkie; their stuff is almost sexy. I'd do a quick voice- over between 11 and 12 and then walk down to the Hiroko Japanese Restaurant, Holland Park Av, W11 (071-603 5003) for lunch. They do a lunch menu where you can have the full range of Japanese food for not very much money.

The recognition factor has doubled recently. As you're walking down the street they stare and point. A girl pointed at me the other day, she didn't say anything, just pointed. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react.

An ideal trip would be to Scotland. If it's a sunny day there is nothing nicer than flying into Glasgow airport. You get a full range of hills to look at. Skiing would be even more ideal. I've only just become a skier, a slider is probably a better description. On the bar front I'd head for The Baby Grand, Elmbank Gardens, Glasgow (041-248 4942), a nice place for a beer or coffee. My idea of a good night is to go for a meal somewhere. I'd go to Rogano's, Exchange Place (041- 248 4055) which is an art deco fish restaurant. They have panels from the QE2 with a beautiful maple veneer. I wouldn't go to the theatre or a club. I got home at 1.30 in the morning the other day and it nearly killed me.

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