Day Out

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I'd get up early, any later than seven and I would be a bed tart. After my orange juice and Canadian muffin, I'd head first for the gym at the RAC (071-930 2345) in Pall Mall, London which makes me feel good. If it were a beautiful day I would take a long walk. I live in Islington and there's a lot going on. But if the weather were lousy, as it usually is, I'd drive down to Blackheath and Greenwich to look at houses. I'll never buy one, because they're too far away from where I work but it's the part of London which reminds me most of New England where I grew up. I'd have lunch at The Ivy (071-836 4751) on West Street which does my favourite caesar salads and delicious squid dishes.

After a quick nap I'd spend the afternoon on Highgate golf course playing with Nicky Campbell or Steve Jones or even Sting who has promised to play with me. After winning, I would prepare a good Italian meal with materials from Carluccios (071-240 1487), a wonderful delicatessen on Neal Street, WC2 while listening to a CD - anything from classical to Motown to REM or U2. If I were going out for an Italian meal I'd choose Orso (071-240 5269) near Waterloo Bridge, WC2.

I go to the theatre once a week. Otherwise I'd go to the Royal Opera House, WC2 or Wigmore Hall, W1. I'd love to see Placido Domingo in recital. Failing that I'd want to see Simon & Garfunkel or REM, who haven't toured in ages. I'm in bed by 10.45pm as I have early starts for GMTV and Classic FM. But before I drop off I'll read some comics. Vintage Donald Duck, the current issue of Sandman and a vintage Marvel from the Fifties or Sixties would do me fine. It's the perfect ending to the day because it brings me back to my roots. Wherever my hectic day has taken me I can reaffirm something I know is part of me.

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