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CRITICS MAY have received his most recent film, Celebrity, with some equivocation, but that was due to the weak performance of its star, Kenneth Branagh, rather than any flaw in Woody Allen's direction. Sleeper (8.30pm FilmFour) sees Allen, almost 30 years earlier, at his uninhibited best, playing a vegetarian musician who dies during a routine operation, is preserved and brought back to life 200 years in the future.

The Sheltering Sky (10pm Sky Cinema) is Bernardo Bertolucci's visually stunning adaptation of Paul Bowles' 1949 novel. John Malkovich (right) and Debra Winger play a couple travelling in north Africa whose relationship deteriorates amid bouts of infidelity and typhoid. In a nice touch, the 80-year-old author of the original novel oversees Bertolucci's work from a Tangiers cafe.