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BOTH JULIA ROBERTS (right) and Rupert Everett had spent a few years in the box-office doldrums before the comedy My Best Friend's Wedding (8pm Sky Premier) spectacularly relaunched their careers. In this satellite premiere from PJ Hogan, Roberts plays a restaurant critic who has just four days to halt the planned wedding of the man she loves (Dermot Mulroney). In an attempt to woo him away from his fiancee (Cameron Diaz), she calls on a gay friend (Everett) to pose as her boyfriend. In just a few scenes Everett steals the film.

The assassination of the American president John F Kennedy, has been the source of many conspiracy theories, which were further stirred up by Oliver Stone's movie, JFK. A two-part film, The Men Who Killed Kennedy (8pm Bravo), investigates fresh evidence.