Digital, Cable and Satellite Television: Pick of the Day

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IN HIS career-defining role, Bob Hoskins (right) is dynamite as Harold, an East End gangland leader whose empire is under threat in The Long Good Friday (10pm FilmFour). John Mackenzie's very memorable contribution to FilmFour's "Hard Men" season also features Helen Mirren as Hoskins' partner. The scene where Harold kidnaps his rivals, hangs them upside down in a butcher's freezer and rants that his manor has become "like Belfast on a bad night" lingers long in the mind.

Fans of Seinfeld, the hugely successful US sitcom, might be interested in watching Michael Richards (Kramer in the TV show) in the satellite premiere of Trial and Error (9pm Sky Moviemax). In this comedy from Jonathan Lynn, Richards plays a resting actor who has to stand in for a lawyer friend (Jeff Daniels) in court.