Digital, Cable and Satellite Television: Pick of the Day

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THEY MAY have disappointed in last year's World Cup Final, but Brazil, the team of the incomparably skilful Ronaldo and the spectacular free-kick specialist Roberto Carlos, remains one of the most exciting outfits in world football. In Brazil vs Chile (11.30pm Sky Sports 2), this still dazzling team take on their stylish fellow South Americans in the Copa America. The intriguing clash between Mexico and Venezuela will also be screened. One of the joys of having Sky Sports is the ability to tap into such hitherto unreachable competitions as the Copa America (even if it may make you groggy at work tomorrow).

Emily Lloyd (right) makes a bravura - and sadly never surpassed - debut as a sparky 16-year-old rebelling against convention in David Leland's atmospheric Wish You Were Here (10pm FilmFour).x