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APART FROM George Clooney - a one-man heart-throb industry - the cast of the hit American TV series, ER, have not had very many happy outings on the big screen. Did anyone see Anthony Edwards (the lovely Dr Greene in the series) in that giant turkey, Don't Go Breaking My Heart? Noah Wyle, Dr Carter in ER, fares better in The Myth of Fingerprints (8pm Sky Premier), an unusual offering from writer/ director Bart Freundlich. Showing for the first time on satellite, this downbeat, atmospheric film centres on the difficult relationship between a moody father (Roy Scheider, right) and his young adult son (Wyle), who is home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Barenboim: A Tango Among Friends (9pm Performance), journeys to Buenos Aires where the leading pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim tries to find out why the tango has such an allure.