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FEW EXECS hearing the pitch for Neil Jordan's The Crying Game (10pm FilmFour, right) could have imagined that it would become a massive international hit. After all, who would believe that a story about an IRA terrorist falling in love with the decidedly unusual girlfriend of a British soldier he kidnaps could be so popular? But the strange power of this twist-filled, Oscar-winning movie carried audiences along. It features great performances from Miranda Richardson as a crazed terrorist and Forest Whitaker as the soldier, but it is Stephen Rea as the gunman and Jaye Davidson as the girlfriend who really stand out.

Patrick Rafter and Lindsay Davenport begin to defend their titles in The US Open (4pm Sky Sports 2) tennis tournament today. If fit, how will gallant Brits Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski fare at Flushing Meadow in New York?