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AT THIS stage of the season, every match has huge significance, but Leeds United vs Arsenal (7pm Sky Sports 1) is bursting with extra resonance. Arsenal old boy David O'Leary (right) manages Leeds, who have recently secured a place in Europe for next season. He will still be trying his damnest to put one over on his former Highbury colleagues in this gripping run-in to the Premiership title. In order to do so, however, his defence will probably have to keep strict tabs on such Arsenal forwards as (injuries and selection vagaries permitting) Dennis Bergkamp, Nicolas Anelka and Marc Overmars.

Stefan Schwartz's film, Shooting Fish (8pm Sky Premier) is an enjoyably energetic comedy about a pair of orphans (Dan Futterman and Stuart Townsend) who enlist the help of a posh trainee doctor (Kate Beckinsale) in an attempt to con money out of wealthy donors for the purchase of their dream house.

James Rampton