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MEL GIBSON (right) has made the odd foray into arthouse territory - Franco Zeffirelli's Hamlet, anyone? - but he always seems most at home in all-out actioners such as Ransom (10.10pm Sky Premier). In Ron Howard's taut thriller, he plays an airline tycoon whose son is kidnapped by a gang under the command of sinister Gary Sinise. However, Gibson's character turns the tables on the felons by offering the $2m ransom money as a bounty for their capture. If this has whetted your appetite, Gibson's career is examined in tonight's Action Heroes (8.30pm Sky Moviemax).

Many criticise the Grand Prix Athletics (8pm Eurosport) circuit, which calls in at Seville tonight, for offering athletes huge fees and distracting them from training for championships. Others merely view it as a good way to watch the world's finest.

James Rampton