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AFTER A starry early career in such films as Another Country and Dance with a Stranger, Rupert Everett went through several lean years. His fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better, however, with My Best Friend's Wedding (8pm Sky Premier, right). Though not the top-billed star - that privilege falls to Julia Roberts - he nicks the film from under her nose with a delicious performance as her gay editor friend. He is asked to pose as her fiance - with the aim of arousing the jealousy of her ex (Dermot Mulroney) and scuppering his forthcoming marriage to a perfect new girlfriend (Cameron Diaz).

There is an elegiac feel to The Dead (6pm FilmFour), the last film from that masterly director, John Huston. In this adaptation of a James Joyce short story, Huston's daughter Anjelica and Donal McCann play a couple stuck in a marriage drained of love.

James Rampton