Edinburgh choice : comedy benefit

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Lee Evans's (left) whole stage persona is based on nervy, yet charming incompetence. He has turned the (deliberate) cock-up into an artform. His schtick is that, right now, he'd rather be anywhere than up there performing in front of thousands of punters. And that's why people warm to him so. They can identify with his portrayal of a person constantly at two with the world - the man who disastrously misuses a French "hole in the ground" lavatory or who is baffled by hotels: "I opened the wardrobe and there was a pillow and a blanket. That was the worst night's sleep I've ever had." This livewire act - he never fails to dazzle with the sheer energy he expends on stage - is joined by the wry Jack Dee and other guests for a benefit in aid of Crusaid, The Food Chain and Stonewall.

Playhouse, Edinburgh (0131-226 2428) tonight.