Edinburgh Festival 97: Theatre: Jump!

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Standing on the edge, four women with adulthood and an uncertain future in common decide whether to jump.

This scene symbolises the show's central theme: the inability but need to make life-changing decisions that could make them happier.

In a variety of monologues, songs and sketches, the theme of wresting control of life, their common friendship and their role in the world are examined as Jump! drives on at a breakneck pace.

While clearly aimed at speaking about the female condition, they illustrate the shared uncertainties of the other 49 per cent of the population as well. Only in its most powerful moment, a monologue rejecting the perceived image of "woman", does the show speak solely for and about women but even this is a rejection of limiting labels, which any man can relate to.

Gilded Balloon. To 30 Aug (0131-226 2151)