Edinburgh Festival Day 12: Word of Mouth

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Chris Addison of Manchester recommends Step to Burn at C Venue. 'It's very short but I've never seen anything like it.' Also at C: Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Grey, which Alison Hayle from Birmingham describes as 'not what you'd expect and all the better for it'. Gavin Proudley from York tells Alan Parker - Urban Warrior at the Pleasance that he's 'on our side'. Riggs O'Hara, director of the barking mad surreal cabaret, Sex and Violence at the Fantasy Cafe, was among the first-night audience for Theatre Is a Woman, a highly textual collage piece performed entirely in Polish by Barra Dziekan. 'I've found a soul-mate,' he gushed. 'I am not alone and I thought I was.'