Edinburgh Festival Day 2 / Reviews : Les Macloma

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Les Macloma are clowns of the New Europe. They rant and natter in Eurobabble while their world falls apart around them. They wring wit and pathos from every inch of their bodies, their skills combined in a bewildering conceptual drama.

A man in a restaurant orders a piano and the waiter delivers one on its side. Overcoming his puzzlement, he builds an entire sideways world around it, with the theatre back- drop as its floor. He and the waiter create sideways gravity, fastening props together with gobs of spit. And just as the audience is getting used to watching from the ceiling, the waiter wanders on to the stage (the wall) with the bill. All this is to says nothing of the company's richly realised characters, among them an idiot blind man in love with a diva and a dwarfish nun who makes a noise like a hair-drier when she speaks. Extraordinary. Go.

The Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance (venue 33) 031-556 6550. 5.45pm. To 5 Sept (exc 23 Aug, 1 Sept).