Edinburgh Festival Day 3: Apparently . . .

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COLIN 'Humph' MacKinnon is an affable chap, not usually prone to creating multi-media installations in fits of rage. But plans to end the granting of 3am liquor licences have got him riled. Every night around closing time you'll find him protesting on the west corner of York Place (an unprepossessing patch of pavement also known as venue 103), projecting slides of a slowly emptying pint glass. The 'show' is free, but most people are too busy celebrating the fact that 3am licences are still in effect this year to care; of an audience of five the other night, four were journalists and the fifth had paused by chance on his way home. MacKinnon now plans to collect photographs of 'Personalities with a Pint' to further the cause of late-night drinking.

THE Doug Anthony Allstars have been relying rather heavily on their audience's ability to laugh at itself of late. Not content with verbal abuse, they've taken to spitting at the punters. One woman on the receiving end continued to smile on regardless through a recent performance (one can only assume she is a veteran of Malcom Hardee gigs). Tickets are selling fast, but it can't be long before the front rows become a no-go zone.