My Edinburgh: Dan Skinner on the wonderful, glorious, unholy mess that is the Fringe


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The Edinburgh festival is like the Death Star. You can try and escape, but you are eventually, inevitably, dragged back in by its powerful magnetic force. I am preparing to ‘go up’ again, to use the industry parlance. I decided two years ago that I wouldn’t for a good long while, but I went up last year as a punter and I’m going up again this year to perform in a show called Classic Entertainment Starring Mr Winchester and Tommy! Since you’re asking. It’s on at The Pleasance at 8.20. Since you’re asking.

It’s fairly traumatic taking a show to Edinburgh which is one of the reasons I decided to lay off for a while, the other reasons include, the lack of sleep, the weather, the poor food, the weather, the lack of a proper August and the weather. But this year I had a brainwave! I bought a raincoat. I’m a quick learner.

I’m being a bit cliched here. I love the Edinburgh festival. It’s a wonderful, glorious, unholy mess. Full of things you might have a chance of seeing on the television in the future and most things which don’t have a hope in hell.

Mr Winchester: Classic Entertainment, Pleasance Dome, 19 to 25 August, 8.20pm (0131 556 6550)

Dan Skinner's Must-Sees:

The Wrestling II was magnificent. If you fancy some female stand up see Aisling Bea (Gilded Balloon, 6.30pm) . If you fancy some female comedy acting see Olivia Lee in Touched... Like a Virgin (Le Monde Hotel, 8pm). If you fancy some male tape-related mime see The Boy with Tape on his Face (Pleasance Courtyard, 9.40pm)