My Edinburgh: Josie Long, comedian

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This year I've done three things differently from any other year I've been at the Fringe:

1. I haven't been reading any reviews, of my show or other shows. I can't believe how much happier my Fringe has been as a result. I was worried that it'd make me feel out of the loop, but I've found that everyone's talking about the same shows as being excellent – like Greg Davies' and Johnny Sweet's.

Sorry to interrupt myself, but I am writing this while walking along and I have just heard a shop playing a bagpipe version of "You're the Voice", the 1980s soft-rock song...

2. I've bought a bike. It's actually better than my real bike at home. I feel like I'm having an affair with a film star. I'm not looking forward to my heavy ugly bike at home – its name is "Town and Around". Stupid home bike. Everywhere is about five minutes by bike and I feel brilliant going from gig to gig on it. Also I have bike oil on my legs the whole time, which I believe makes me look tough.

3. Swimming in the sea. I hadn't done this before because it's insane. Three times so far this month I've been swimming in the chilly sea at Portobello Beach. It's brilliant. It's so bracing that it really de-stresses you as you can barely breathe, let alone worry about your stupid Fringe show. It's like being slapped all over but gently, by the sea.

This year, I am having a good time.

'Josie Long: Be Honourable!', to 29 Aug, Josie Long's 'Monsters of Whimsy', 24 Aug, Just the Tonic at the Caves (0131 556 5375)