ETCETERA / Competition: Details No 182

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IN WHICH painting by which artist can you find this headless woman?

Last week's detail came from Gauguin's image of one-and-a-half Tahitian women, Aha Oe Feii? (So what? Are you jealous?). It's curious the way he chooses these titles, which sound more like some cute Victorian anecdotal scene. This painting is in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow. The first three correct entries drawn were from: Ruth Charity, of London N7; Sharon Doyle, of Coventry; and Dennis Gilbert, of London SW10. Each will receive a bottle of champagne, as will the winners of this week's competition. Answers, on a postcard please, to DETAILS 182, The Independent on Sunday, 40 City Road, London EC88 1HP.

(Photograph omitted)