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Occasions on which UK departments of state have been found guilty of violating European Human Rights since 1981: 20

Years until earth's ozone layer over Toronto is destroyed, at current thinning rate: 110

NHS spending on drugs per Briton in 1982 at today's prices: pounds 22.80

In 1992: pounds 52.87

Patent rheumatism skin creams available on prescription: 102

Prescriptions dispensed every minute in Scotland: 264

Valium-type tranquilliser addicts seeking treatment in Scotland 1991-92: 1,439

Percentage of the US federal budget spent on the elderly: 30

On education: 2

Vehicles per square mile in the British Isles: 233

Bonuses paid to road-building contractors by the Department of Transport since 1988: pounds 17,300,000

Penalty payments to the Department of Transport by road-building contractors since 1988: pounds 1,250,000

Government payments to Brays Detective agency for photographing protestors at Twyford Down motorway excavation: pounds 7,000

Dead birds per 100 imported each year: 15

Women in prison for violence against others: 190

Women owning fur coats in Italy: 7,500,000

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