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1992 houses built per million residents

of British Columbia, Canada: 11,280

Per million residents of Great Britain: 2,785

Percentage of BBC Radio 4 daily broadcasting

to be produced by independent broadcasters

in 1994/95: 2

In 1995/96: 4

Average budget of a cinema motion picture made

in Britain: pounds 3,940,000

In Hollywood: pounds 19,200,000

Estimated gross worldwide tonnes of toxic lead

produced from the earliest times to the fall of the

Roman Empire: 40,000,000

1992 public architectural design competitions

in France: 2,000

In Germany: 600

In Britain: 12

Supertankers of waste generated by Hampshire

households, commerce and clearance in a year: 7

Percentage of the EU's 850 top businesses

and local authorities that claim to conduct

environmental audits: 39

Companies refining the sugar beet production of

10,000 British farmers: 1

Year by which all primary forest in the Malaysian

state of Sarawak will have been destroyed, at the

1990 rate: 2001

Malaysia's arms purchases from GEC-Marconi

and British Aerospace since 1992: pounds 723,000,000

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