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Applications to emit ozone-depleting substances by industry in England and Wales: 3,000

Plant species deleted from the endangered list: 3

To be added to the endangered list: 74

Legionnaire's Disease cases reported in England and Wales in 1990: 111

Surplus places in British schools: 1,780,000

Representations received by the Government about its White Paper on British Rail: 0

Amount paid by the Government directly to voluntary organisations annually per

Briton: pounds 8.28

Tyne & Wear Development Corporation's average cost of creating a permanent job: pounds 8,554

Unit concentration of ammonia in British rain in 1988: 24.3

In 1991: 29.4

Percentage of Americans who have never read a book since leaving school: 60

Barrels of oil consumed daily in the US in 1991: 17,000,000

In 2010 (projected): 22,000,000

Percentage of US women owning electric shavers: 45

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