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Annual vehicle tax paid by car owners per mile of motorway: pounds 1,145,210

Current taxpayer grant per mile of public railway: pounds 125,555

By 1995: pounds 64,000

Tax paid on jet fuel by British airlines: pounds 0.00

Fraction of all airline passengers who are tourists: 3/5

Population per Anglican church: 3,235

Population per television: 1.57

Britons per NHS administrator in 1990: 438

In 1991: 402

Britons per NHS doctor: 611

Gross national product per capita in Vietnam: dollars 220

In Japan: dollars 23,810

Number of commons deregistered and built on since 1965: 80

Number of pollutants emitted which manufacturers must publicly quantify annually in the USA: 300

In the United Kingdom: 0

Juggernaut-loads of raw sewage and other waste products emitted by Bangkok every day: 435

Donors to Greenpeace world-wide in 1992: 4,300,000

Football fields required to park Britain's cars close together: 17,692

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