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Tons of whale meat eaten daily in Japan: 7

Recycling deposit payable on purchase of a car in Sweden: pounds 73

Motor vehicles entering Abergavenny each year on the A465 in 1893: 0

In 1993: 6,205,000

Total worldwide donations to Greenpeace in 1992: pounds 110,000,000

Cost of building British government's new international arms-dealing executive office: pounds 255,400,000

Cost of peacekeeping and reconstruction in Cambodia: dollars 2,570,000,000

Expected cost of British unemployment benefit 1993-94: pounds 15,000,000,000

Government scientists monitoring food in 1979: 3,417

In 1993: 2,151

Cormorants and sawbill ducks known killed under licence in Scotland since 1988: 5,658

A year's savings expected from cuts in RAF air-sea rescue services: pounds 6,500,000

Noise compensation paid by taxpayers for Tornado warplanes at RAF Leeming: pounds 8,903,000

Proportion of under-21s who fail to move directly from government job training into work: 4/5

Times articulated road tankers loaded nose-to-tail with Calcutta's annual raw sewage would stretch round the globe: 5

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