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Loudspeakers fitted in the new Chrysler Eagle car: 11

Malaria cases per year in the UK: 3

Worldwide: 110,000,000

Miles of roads in the Alps: 405,000

Alpine glaciers threatened by off-road motor racing: 36

Kilograms of deadly dioxins and furans emitted by German smokestacks per annum: 70

Percentage of women with a child under five who were working or seeking work in 1991: 47

Percentage increase in crimes of violence by women over the last 10 years: 350

Daily allowance of a maximum full-year loan for a student living independently in London: pounds 1.80

Eurodisney entrance ticket for over-12s: pounds 26.00

Percentage of British 1991 box office gross earned by EC-made films: 1.53

Estimate of contaminated former industrial sites in England and Wales: 30,000

Percentage of sterling account-holders at BCCI bank who withheld names and addresses: 56

Juggernaut-loads of new 5p pieces in use: 286

Rank of pornographic magazines among articles left in hotel rooms: 5

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