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"It was a beautiful performance with beautiful scenery. Opera in the round is much more accessible. And having surtitles in English is brilliant - the words are fascinating." Liz Bazzard, programmer

"Opera should be open to everyone - all classes. Having it in the round helps - you feel part of the scenes." Mr Simpson,


"This is a first for us. I thought it worked very well. It was very easy to watch and digest."

Mr Corbet,

planning manager

"It was interesting, but I prefer the Royal Opera House because it's more intimate. We prefer the traditional setting."

Mrs McCulloch, accounting analyst

"I still feel that opera is rather elite, even though this is more accessible. It was quite an experience, as I've never been before." Mr Tierney,

computer operator

"We've been to the Albert Hall many times but this is our first opera. We'd definitely go again. The sound was magnificent."

Glenn Clarkson, company director