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I SEE the iBook has "I was assembled in Taiwan" rather than "Made In Taiwan" stamped on it ("Apple launches iBook with no strings attached", 26 July). Thus Apple falls to the same childish base that Microsoft has been doing for some time.

It seems Americans like to be patronised by things like this ("My Computer", "My Documents", cutesy paper-clip helpers), but I find it intensely irritating. Can't we have options to remove this nonsense? Perhaps an entry in the control console that swaps between "Adult" and "Child/American" would do it.

Stephen Constable

Senior Principal Software

Engineer, Racal Defence Electronics Ltd

IN REPLY to your article regarding reading e-mails while on holiday and having trouble with connecting ("On hols but still online", 26 July), I recommend using mailstart ( I used it during a recent trip to Australia and found it very satisfactory.

Trevor Talbott

I WAS delighted to hear that someone is producing customised CDs, even though it is not yet in the UK (Bytes, 19 July). Ten years ago I used the same type of service in New York, albeit on to cassettes. I was told that it was unlikely the service would be offered in the UK, due to difficulties with copyright. Does anyone know of a place that is doing this in the UK? Legally, that is.

Simon Allen