Field Day 2015: Rae Morris on music festival hedonism and playing at her local

The Unguarded singer-songwriter shares her summer festival insights with Ben Walsh

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The 22-year-old Rae Morris shot to prominence supporting Bombay Bicycle Club before releasing debut album, Unguarded, this year. The Blackpool pop singer is playing at Field Day and another mind-bending 11 UK festivals this summer...

Are you intimidated by the amount of festivals you're playing?

It's a kind of overwhelming, but I'm one of those people who looks in my diary and wants to see it full. I get stressed out if it's not.

Which ones are you most excited about?

Field Day is really exciting because it's a local one, as I live Whitechapel.

Do you prefer city or rural festivals?

I prefer the city ones I've done like the Great Escape and Dot to Dot, they're good for emerging acts and they were easier for people to see me as well. People are more focused at urban ones, and see more acts in one day. Whereas at the bigger festivals people get caught up in the drama of it all.

Best festival performance you've seen?

I went to Hop Farm a couple of years and saw Patti Smith who is one of my absolute heroes. Just seeing her in the flesh blew my world.

Do you think festivals are prohibitively expensive for young people?

It's a hard one. When you're 16 it's something you've got to save up for, get a better job and work for it. That's all part of going to a festival, you're old enough to make that decision and look forward to something, which is something that we don't do very much these days. If you make the most of a festival you getting to see a lot of music.

What's the most hedonistic thing you've seen or done at a festival?

Oh wow, I'm not the most hedonistic person. I think one of the most hedonistic things I've seen is the luxury that is the backstage area and how it difference it is from being with the punters.

Field Day is on 6th and 7th June in Victoria Park, London. Watch live at 6.30pm Sunday on London Live (Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159)