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LA CONFIDENTIAL (left) and Goodfellas - an odd pairing, really. Goodfellas gets too snared up in its depiction of men who worship violence to be completely exonerated of that charge itself. Curtis Hanson's film of James Ellroy's novel, LA Confidential, is less complicated material, although not in plot terms - the movie is a spaghetti junction of characters with interlocking grudges, desires and pasts. Kevin Spacey's alluringly amoral persona is a perfect fit for the jaded but starstruck detective who can't even remember why he joined the force.

`Goodfellas' 5.30pm, `LA Confidential' 8.30pm, Riverside Studios, London W6 (0181-237 1111)

The Daytrippers is a snazzy little independent comedy with a surprising emotional kick. One woman's quest to find out if her husband is a lying, cheating louse turns into a family day out when her folks join her for a visit to meet the woman who may or may not be his lover.

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