FILM / Critical round-up

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'It grips the attention and pricks the mind with its forceful look at deceit, lust and the consequences. You emerge disturbed and chastened.' Geoff Brown, Times

'The film's pretensions do not quite square up to its stylish but less than resonant presence on the screen.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian

'The result, sadly, is a damaged Damage. It has gone badly adrift.' Hugo Davenport, Daily Telegraph

'(Scriptwriter) Hare and (director) Malle make a more brutalist, 1990s partnership and an ultimately brilliant film. Damage is a psychosexual board-game.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times


'The film looks wonderful. . . with strong perfomances all round, it expertly sustains the authentic atmosphere of brooding danger found in film noir.' Hugo Davenport, Daily Telegraph

'If the visual style had matched the rough, glaring images of Weegee's photos. . . Howard Franklin's film might well have lurched into disreputable life.' Geoff Brown, Times


'A long, questionably tasteful, unquestionably mirthless comedy about Alzheimer's disease.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

'There are, however, memorable bits and pieces amongst the mess.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian