Film: Out Takes

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We all know that while wrestling may look like brute reality, in actual fact it's as carefully choreographed as a ballet, right? Wrong. At least on the set of Jim Carrey's latest movie, Man on the Moon, where Carrey (above) hit the deck after goading his burly co-star, wrestler Jerry Lawler. The man-mountain in tights grabbed Carrey around the neck before throwing him to the floor. Strapped to a stretcher, the star was taken to hospital where it was found that no serious damage had been done. The film for which Carrey took his beating is a biopic of the late actor Andy Kaufman, best known for his role in the TV series Taxi.

Rampant speciesism has meant that insects, bugs and beetles have traditionally not been seen as film-star material. Indeed, their screen roles have generally been limited to shockingly stereotypical crawl-on roles in horror or ghost movies. But now the industry's attitude seems set to change. After recent bug-friendly films such as last year's epic nature documentary Microcosmos, insects are set to infest the mainstream. First up is Dreamworks' animated feature Antz, which has swarmed all over the American box-office this week, knocking out Robin William's latest squelchy post-death love story, What Dreams May Come. Not to be outdone, Disney will release their own creepy-crawly vehicle: A Bug's Life.