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Porn magnate Larry Hustler Flynt's low-rent movie magazine Film Threat (circulation: 125,000) has declared war on its more successful rival Premiere (circulation: 537,106). Aptly- named editor Christian Gore calls Premiere's coverage of Hollywood, 'Conventional, boring and smug.' Threat recently took producer Peter Guber to task for paying pounds 10,000 for a new designed 'personal signature' logo while Premiere merely had a graphologist analyse the signature: no mention of design or payment. Premiere publisher Susan Lyne shrugs, 'It's flattering to be taken so seriously. Even if we're being held in such contempt.'

Quote of the week: 'Mike Nichols thought he was Karen Silkwood.' Silkwood scriptwriter Nora Ephron.

The Numbers: Jurassic Park's world box-office: dollars 800m. First US picture to take dollars 500m overseas: Jurassic Park. Barbra Streisand's fee for two New Year's Eve concerts in Las Vegas: dollars 20m. Scriptwriter Joe Eszterhas's fee for the now-indefinitely-postponed Showgirls: dollars 4m. Sum reputedly offered to Damon Wayans to replace axed chat-show host Chevy Chase's time slot: dollars 10m. Julia Roberts' cheque for playing Mary Reilly: dollars 8.3m - a record for an actress. The sum Sotheby's in New York expects Vivien Leigh's Gone with the Wind Oscar to fetch: dollars 100,000.

Double bills that we might like to see: The Piano/The Accompanist. Alive/Dead Again. Walking Tall/ Falling Down. Deep Throat/Jaws. Trust/Betrayed. The Silence/The Shout. Coma/Sleepless in Seattle. Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House/Demolition Man. Born Free/ Caught. Body Parts/The Remains of the Day. Johnny Belinda/Look Who's Talking. The Water Babies/High and Dry. Blind Date/My Life as a Dog. Father of the Bride/Blood Wedding. Eaten Alive/Bringing Up Baby.

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