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'We remain on the outside, looking in, admiring the artistry, feeling nothing; and the more high-pitched Kieslowski's scenes grow, the more we freeze over.' Geoff Brown, Times

'If Blue is about liberty, it is about the struggles we go through to achieve that liberty. Above all, liberty from the false comfort of lives we try too neatly to compartmentalise.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times


'It is one of those Hollywood thrillers that looks as if it has been made by a committee rather than a single film- maker with a vision of his own.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian


'Everything you can think of happens: love, death, violence, ghosts of Elvis Presley. More to the point, they all keep happening simultaneously.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

'True Romance looks like a piece of designer chic searching but unable to find any kind of holding centre . . . But there has to be some centre that holds in this sort of feast, and neither Scott's flashy lensing nor Tarantino's quirky screenplay can give it that.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian