A 2010 review of 270 films in six minutes

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As the end of 2010 nears, top ten lists, critics' picks and award nominees rollout with the year's best films. An inspired six-minute montage, called 'Filmography 2010,' pulls together fun and dramatic moments from 270 film releases.

The video, edited by Gen Ip of Vancouver BC, Canada, a college student who posts her videos on YouTube, was created to commemorate the breadth of the year's cinematic offerings. Ip culled trailers to showcase blockbusters, indies, documentaries, horror, animation, and even Hubble 3D, linking overall themes.

"When you can put multiple movies together and make them work cohesively, the result can be quite revealing about the culture and society." she told film website SlashFilm in an interview. The site has posted year-end compilations by editors Matt Shapiro and Kees van Dijkhuizen:

A mix of music, like Kanye West's "Power" with dialogue excerpts, connects ideas and lets the films feed off each other to create a cohesive piece, she explains. Gen Ip's 'Filmography 2010 and links to the songs:'

Ip hasn't seen all the films and doesn't claim this collection is comprehensive. For an entire list of the films: http://filmography2010.blogspot.com/