And the Academy Award for best creature goes to....


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The Oscars machine cranked into life at the end of last week with the nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards. And, sure, acting and directing and all those main categories are certainly important. And the Oscars is an incredibly serious business – no Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet category here (an actual award at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards) – but it feels like we're missing a few categories in the relatively slimline four-hour ceremony. The website BuzzFeed suggested honouring the Best Non-Original Song, i.e. the most well-chosen bit of soundtracking. In that spirit, here are three others we'd like to see:

Best Performance by an Animal (leading or supporting)

The Consider Uggie campaign to recognise Uggie, The Artist's Jack Russell star was as close as an animal has come to an Oscar (he won a "Palm D'og" in Cannes). A best creature Oscar could reward greats such as Keiko the orca (Free Willy) and Pal the collie (Lassie Come Home) and Richard Parker, CGI tiger from Life of Pi. Not to mention Andy Serkis.

Best Opening Credits

Attention-short millennials are usually checking Whatsapp on their iPhone by the end of the title credits. This would be a chance to reward some of the most breath-taking moments in film design – like many of David Fincher's brilliant opening sequences. And also for the Bond series to finally win something.

Best Trailer

Let's face it, the advertising campaigns for about 40 per cent of films are more interesting than the films themselves. Why waste two hours when you can spend two hours on YouTube. You might expect to see the genius ads for Prometheus win here.