Cultural Life: Jaime Winstone, actress

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Films: I was expecting to see a big scary monster in 'Troll Hunter', but actually they portray these trolls as big, dumb-arse, hungry giants! I loved the way the Norwegians were so matter-of-fact about the presence of trolls in society, which made it really funny... I would have liked to see a bit more troll on troll fighting.

Television: I watched 'Appropriate Adult' with Dominic West (below), which was really powerful. I find West such a strong character actor. I think it's really important to have good quality drama on TV.

Books: When someone puts a massive novel in front of me I think, 'Oh god that looks really boring...' I can't sit still for longer than 20 minutes, but a recent book I found really funny is 'The Asbo Fairy Tales' by Hans Christian Asbosen. All of the princesses are really, really naughty and get themselves in a right old mess... really up my street!

Opera: In Paris recently we went to see a modern dress 'Madam Butterfly'. I was amazed at the level of skill of the performers. If I'm going to go to the opera I want to see the costumes and the melodrama. I want to be overwhelmed and I wasn't. I think I prefer a more classical approach to opera.

Music: The synth duo Alpines are a new band that are just amazing. We recently went to hear the playback of Florence Welch's new album; I think she's hit her peak. She's a good friend of mine, so it's lovely to hear her conquer her sound. Without sounding pretentious, it's nice to always be surrounded by creative people who inspire me and keep my levels of creativity charged.

Jaime Winstone is ambassador for Wagamama's art and eat campaign ( is displaying work by emerging artists in restaurants across the country