Cultural Life: Jodhi May, actress

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I love Clint Eastwood's films. 'Changeling' was beautifully shot and crafted to perfection. Erick Zonca's 'Julia' is a crazy, exhilarating film; Tilda Swinton is compelling.


The 'Bob Dylan Chronicles', a meandering stroll through his mind and times; 'Baghdad Burning', a fascinating diary of daily life by a young Iraqi woman; Haruki Murakami's 'After Dark'.


While filming in Johannesburg, I saw a great play at the Market Theatre, 'Silent Voice', about carjackers. The actors brought a raw energy and humour to a dark subject. 'The Year of Magical Thinking' was mesmerising; Vanessa Redgrave was extraordinary. I also enjoyed the Juliette Binoche dance piece 'in-i'; funny, tender, just a joy to watch.


'Stuart: A Life Backwards' was brilliant; it was directed by David Attwood, with whom I've just finished working. 'Sweet Bird of Youth' was a reminder of how dazzling Paul Newman was.


I've been listening to Beck's 'Modern Guilt' and Grace Jones's 'Island Life'.

Visual arts

The Francis Bacon exhibition was amazing.

'Defiance', starring Jodhi May, opens in cinemas today