Cultural Life: Joe Wright, Film director


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Nothing lately. I've been in my cutting room for six months with my new film, Anna Karenina. I generally don't watch films whilst I'm making one. I did however, manage to watch Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, which was sublime.


Kathy Burke's Walking and Talking. Genius. Rev: a British sitcom filmed mostly in east London, with Tom Hollander, is great.


The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt. I'm not normally a fan of Westerns, but I really enjoyed this one's surreal sense of humour. I also read "What We Talk About When We Talk About Anna Frank" by Nathan Englander. I enjoyed its homage to Raymond Carver's story What We Talk About When We Talk About Love and its similar trajectory throughout the book.


I'm listening to a lot of Bonnie "Prince" Billy at the moment. Especially Lie Down in the Light, which isn't as dark as the others. I recently bought Andrew Weatherall's Masterpiece.

Visual Arts

Bauhaus: Art as Life at the Barbican, which reminded me of my own experience at art school. In the 1920s art students really did believe they could change the world with a typeface.

Joe Wright is on the jury at the East End Film Festival which ends tomorrow (www.