Cultural Life: Sally Hawkins, actress

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Films: I am a bit behind with films, but the last one I saw was 'Win Win', directed by Thomas McCarthy. The writing and acting were wonderful. I love McCarthy's directing; it has a warmth and heart. I think I may have a bit of a crush on Bobby Cannavale; he's funny and very charismatic. I also saw Werner Herzog's 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'. Watching the documentary film in 3D, I felt like I could reach out to touch the inner lines and walls of the caves.

Theatre: I saw 'Chicken Soup with Barley', directed by Dominic Cooke, at the Royal Court. I loved it; Samantha Spiro is so damn good. I'm glad there is a revival of Wesker, up until now I had only read his work but seeing it performed was such a treat.

Visual Arts: I love tiny shows in small galleries like London's Tenderpixel. I bought some of Dan Arnold's work for my wall. He does some really nice line drawings of playful creatures and funny cheeky animals. The National Theatre Foyer recently had a lovely exhibition of textile designer sisters Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell's works. I love the development from watercolours to their recognisable abstract graphics.

Television: I haven't seen much television recently except 'The Wonder of Weeds'. That made me want to throw seed bombs out of my window, and live by Fukuoka's philosophy of do nothing gardening; let it overgrow and overflow everywhere.

Books: I'm currently reading 'Three Uses of the Knife: On the Nature and Purpose of Drama' by David Mamet, and Vendela Vida's 'The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers'. Maurice Sendak's 'In the Night Kitchen' is never very far away.

'Submarine' is out on DVD & Blu-Ray on Monday. 'Jane Eyre' is released nationwide on 9 September