Cultural Life: Sophie Okonedo, actress

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I see children's films with my daughter. We live almost next door to a cinema, which is very empty in the afternoons. One of the most memorable films was 'Bridge to Terabithia'. When the girl died I was utterly devastated. I cried so much my daughter got up and moved four rows down to get away from me.


I'm reading 'The World Is In My Garden: Using Gardening Issues To Illuminate Universal Concerns' by Chris Maser. It may sound dry to some, but it is right up my street. Yes, I am that person who talks to plants, hugs trees, and I cried when I produced my first small batch of vegetables.


If I can stay up late enough I watch 'Newsnight'.


I have been to see two of the plays in the Wallace Shawn season at the Royal Court, 'The Fever' and 'Aunt Dan And Lemon'. Both directed by one of my favourite directors, Dominic Cooke.

Visual arts

I went to an exhibition by the American photographer, Diane Arbus, at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in Mayfair. I happened to be nearby and it was a rainy afternoon so I popped in.

Sophie Okonedo stars in 'Skin' out now in cinemas