Disney, you dolts! Give us back our Brave heroine

The feisty heroine of the 2012 animation 'Brave' is being coronated at Walt Disney World as one of the company's 11th 'official' princess, but there's a catch. She's been rebranded

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Merida mark one

Merida, heroine of Brave, who’s being added to Disney’s mega-earning Princess Collection, along with Jasmine, Aurora, Belle and others.

Merida is the nearest the House of Mouse has come to a feminist character: she’s rebellious and questions why she should marry a prince.

She’s also an accomplished shot (check out the bow and arrows – Trending wouldn’t mess) who wants to take on the boys at their own games.

Cinderella had glass slippers and a choker, Jasmine had a midriff-bearing top and arm bangles – Scottish Merida has a sensible, cosy tweed frock.

Merida mark two

It’s like she just stepped out of a salon… unfortunately. Merida’s wild locks have gone all Cheryl Cole. Disney designers, step away from the tongs.

What’s this? Sparkly tweed? A statement belt? And glitzy bits? Her dress looks like it’s been vajazzled. Is her next movie The Only Way Is Highlands?

Look at her pretty eyes! And those pretty shoulders unencumbered by a horrid old weapon! Way to go, Disney. Dolled up and defenceless.

Merida’s fans aren’t taking her makeover lying down. Tens of thousands have already signed a petition against the new look. Be Brave and join them at change.org.