Food for thought: Kevin Macdonald, film director

Kevin Macdonald is a British film director. His How I Live Now is out on 4 October. He shares with Charlotte Cripps his current reading, watching and surfing...

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I’m shooting a submarine film, Black Sea, starring Jude Law, so I’m watching a lot of submarine movies – Run Silent, Run Deep with Burt Lancaster is fantastic.

Monday I watched William Friedkin’s 1970s flop Sorcerer then turned to The Year of The Hare by Arto Paasilinna, about a journalist and a hare.

Tuesday In the car, I listened to the new solo album by the amazingly talented Jon Hopkins who composed the music for my film How I Live Now.  A few episodes of Modern Family on Netflix, which is great escapism.

Wednesday I downloaded Radiolab, a US radio show. Listened to so many strange tales about the secret life of blood.

Thursday A great German submarine movie, Das Boot, with several of my current cast members. I’m also reading a book that Jude Law recommended: 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare by James Shapiro.

Friday I went to see Francis Ha which I could certainly relate to. She ends up wandering the streets of Paris all alone – something I’ve ended up doing a number of times in capital cities around Europe.

Saturday Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I took my youngest son, Sam, aged six.