On the agenda: Win tickets to 'Icarus at the Edge of Time'; Amnesty photography; 300-dish dessert banquet; Smories; Master Drawings; Bathing Ape t-shirts

We're preparing to fly too close to the Sun and going ape for the latest cult T-shirt
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A desire to dispose of your children down a black hole can be all too tempting during the summer hols – and here's the perfect opportunity. 'Icarus at the Edge of Time', an animated film based on the book by theoretical physicist Brian Greene, will make superstring theories palatable for the whole family. Showing on 4 July, it promises to be a highlight of the Southbank Centre's See Further festival – as does the bravura spectacle of Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001 (right), with live accompaniment by the Philharmonic Orchestra this Friday. Already sold out, the organisers have held back two free tickets for one lucky reader: email newreview@independent.co.uk with your details by Wednesday for a chance to win. southbankcentre.co.uk Kate Wild


Burma's brutally repressive regime currently has more than 2,000 activists, lawyers and politicians in prisons – a plight that campaigning British photojournalist James Mackay has sought to highlight with his documentary project Even Though I'm Free I Am Not. A selection of his portraits of former Burmese political prisoners (each displaying the name of a current prisoner in their upturned hand) is being exhibited at Amnesty International's east London HQ until Thursday. amnesty.org.uk Adam Jacques


Who knew Elizabeth I had such a sweet tooth? Well, her long-time suitor the Earl of Dudley, for one – so, to gain her favour, he served a 300-dish dessert banquet at Kenilworth Castle 435 years ago. Now English Heritage has enlisted the food alchemists Bompas & Parr to recreate the feast in the castle's Elizabethan garden, with a five-metre table groaning with treats from wormwood custard tarts to rice puddings baked in sausage casings. If you're one of the first 100 to turn up, you can sample all 300 desserts – and eat like a queen. 29 June from midday, english-heritage.org.uk/kenilworthcastle AJ


A new website to promote children's stories by unpublished writers is taking a brave step with its latest tale. Smories are short films of stories for children, read by children, and the latest is called "Vuyo and his Vuvuzela", by the South African-born writer Marie Rocher. Smories founders are playing with the love-it-or-hate it aspect of the ungodly South African football horn and will be hoping users are not turned off when they log on to smories.com/ watch/vuyos_vuvuzela Katy Guest


Our typical summer purchases usually stretch to a Cornetto. But if you happen to have £20,000 in spare change, then John Constable's Studies of a Peacock could be yours. The drawing is being shown at the Master Drawings London's 10th anniversary from 3-9 July. The annual exhibition, put on by a collaboration of the capital's galleries, will showcase a diverse collection of 15th-20th century drawings. And even if you're not in the market for a blisteringly expensive piece, it's still worth catching a glimpse of some lesser-seen sketches. masterpaintingsweek.co.uk KW


Japanese T-shirt brand A Bathing Ape (or Bape, to those in the know) has the sort of cult appeal usually reserved for sabre-tooth tiger fur. When it opened its London store last year, the scrum to get in was like something out of a Salgado photograph. The hysteria reserved for the release of a new Bape product is unfathomable to anyone outside a small crowd of T-shirt geeks, so I'll be brief: two limited-edition T-shirts, out now, featuring a new manga character called Apegon. He's a pro-wrestler, apparently. bape.com Harriet Walker