Ooh, aah! Eric Cantona shows off prosthetic penis in new film You and The Night at Cannes


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If you thought Eric Cantona couldn’t do anything more outrageous than kung-fu kicking a football spectator, in You and The Night, the ex-footballer plays a character known as ‘The Stud’ who has a prosthetic penis so long that it would provide shade over Old Trafford.

The film is about a slut, a stud, a star and a teen going to an orgy. In one particularly memorable moment Cantona can be seen being whipped by Beatrice Dalle. He says, “I wouldn’t have done that [put on a prosthetic penis] for just anyone, I liked the director and the scenes were not done to be vulgar, they had a certain elegance.”

He also said that he never thought about returning to Manchester to join in with the celebrations of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. Reluctantly talking about Sir Alex, he recalls, “I don’t remember a certain moment, match or incident with him, I have beautiful memories of everything. He was exceptional with his tactics, psychology and his humility was amazing.”

He’s also learnt a thing or two from Sir Alex about controlling interviews as he threatened to walk out when too many questions were fired about his old boss.  

A ginger Bond?

Emmy award-winning actor Damien Lewis rolled on to la Croisette to reveal that he will be spending the summer in a tempestuous romance on the Western Isles of Scotland playing a repressed minister in love story The Silent Storm.

Andrea Riseborough co-stars as his wife in the film to be directed by BIFA nominated Corinna Villari-McFarlane. One of the producers on the film is Barbara Broccoli and on the back of his Homeland success, as well as the fact that his wife, Helen McCrory appeared in Skyfall, it could mean that The Silent Storm is a stepping stone to Bond.

Lewis answered, “Never, say never,” to the prospect, before adding, “Who doesn’t want to play Bond?”