Saul Bass-style animated credit sequences are online hit

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Graphic designers have been making a viral splash online with retro minimalist redesigns of classic movie posters. Examples of their work, frequently compared to the seminal designs of Saul Bass, were recently published on this website (

Now, thanks to a mention in the Slashfilm movie blog, a pair of Saul Bass-style animated credit sequences – by a designer calling himself Hexagonall – has received great attention online. One was for the 1982 movie Tron, the other for the TV show Lost (

Lost has been a favourite for the retro treatment. One YouTube wag mashed up its opening titles in the style of the sub-Dallas soap opera Santa Barbara (

Another won a Comic-Con convention competition by cutting a version of the credit sequence as if the show were created in 1967 as "a campy sci-fi action series" ( – rather than in 2004 as a campy sci-fi action series. But that's exactly the thing that lends Lost to 1960s-style makeovers: it has the feel of a classic Saturday afternoon serial.

This is not surprising, perhaps, when you consider that its key creator was JJ Abrams, a man responsible for reviving the kitschy serial on both TV (producing Lost for Gilligan's Island fans, Alias for Mission: Impossible fans, and Fringe for Twilight Zone fans) and film (producing Star Trek for, er... Star Trek fans).