Story Of The Scene: 'Scarface' (1983)

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Cuban druglord Tony Montana (Al Pacino) is holed up in his Miami mansion as goons pour on to his property aiming to take him out for good.

He raises himself from his state of paranoid stupefaction, face down in a mountain of cocaine, opens his gun closet and grabs an M16 assault rifle with its M203 grenade launcher. "Say hello to my lil' fren," he roars as he launches into the invading goons.

If you look closely at that final blood-soaked scene, you'll see a single uncredited shot from Steven Spielberg, who had dropped by to see his friend Brian De Palma, the film's director, that day. As for Pacino and his "little friend", the rifle became so overheated from the blizzard of blanks being fired that he burnt his hands on the barrel (at one point he reaches over to grab the gun), so he had to sit out the last few weeks of production with his hands bandaged.