The Commuter reveals the potential of new technology

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Next week sees the launch of The Commuter, a short film shot entirely on a Nokia N8 camera-phone, with Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel in the starring role and up-and-coming directing duo the McHenry Brothers at the helm.

Appearing alongside Patel in the seven-minute action comedy are Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance and Ed Westwick, who each play characters encountered by Patel's Everyman commuter on the way to his first day at a new job.

Patel was attracted to the project as a way of encouraging young people to get involved in film-making. This film, he says, shows the potential of new technology: "You don't need a massive budget, you don't need really expensive cameras, you can just use your mobile phone and get out there and make a short film."

The Commuter, of course, had the benefit of a team of experienced film-makers, both behind and in front of the camera, as well as extra kit, such as a Steadicam, to stabilise the phone during filming.

"I had a little giggle when we first started filming and one of the McHenry Brothers shouted 'action!'," says Patel. "But lo and behold, we did it, and it was great. It's a lot quicker because you don't need to change lenses, reel or tape; the turnover time is incredibly quick," he explains.

But it wasn't just the technology that Patel was struck by: certain of his co-stars also made their mark.

"When I go to the gym and I tell the guys that I'm doing this little short film with Pamela Anderson, obviously all the tongues get wagging. To do a film as a 20-year-old dude with Pamela Anderson is quite an achievement; right up there with getting nominated for a Bafta."

'The Commuter' is online from 8pm, 25 October at