The Word On...Ghost Town

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"The long time in coming leading role of legendary Brit writer/director/actor/ comedian Ricky Gervais, is surprisingly good, free from the shackles of slapstick, decidedly more "com than rom" and with a sweet and charming side that will get even the most cynical enchanted." - Matt Holmes,

"'Ghost Town' has inspired casting, a few memorable scenes, and enough laughs for mainstream US audiences to finally get the point of that doughy English guy with the pointy canine teeth and the high-pitched giggle."

Dana Stevens,

"Despite an awkward start, 'Ghost Town' quickly establishes itself as a kooky romantic drama about redemption that trades well on Gervais's winning comedy persona, as well as stretching his acting abilities in an interesting new direction." - Jack Foley www.indielondon.

"This is more than miscasting. Gervais is amazing at self-deprecating humour, but not so much when it comes to making fun of others and that's what he spends the whole movie ... doing. When he's commenting on a mummy or a dog or the system of health care it's much better than just disliking an older (dead) woman." - Jeff Bayer,